Monday, April 11, 2011

Linux Mint Xfce Update

After downloading the new Debian-based Linux Mint Xfce and installing it on my laptop, I found out that this distro suffers from my laptop wireless bug. My 64-bit laptop has a Realtek wireless chip that refuses to work out of the box for any non-Ubuntu-based Linux distro. After much tinkering and searching online, I found that I can't fix this bug even with ndiswrapper. Because of this handicap, I didn't get a chance to test Linux Mint Xfce under real-world, constant-web-surfing conditions.

I will note that this version of mint comes with some unusual pre-installed software. For example, it ships with LibreOffice instead of the usual light-weight office choice of AbiWord + Gnumeric. I may have to download the 32-bit version for my desktop to see how choices like this affect performance.

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