Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Distribution Release: AV Linux 5.0

From Distrowatch:
Glen MacArthur has announced the release of AV Linux 5.0, a Debian-based distribution with a collection of audio and video production software and running on the LXDE desktop: "After more than five months of daily development following the release of 4.2, AV Linux 5.0 is here. This release balances the rock-solid reliability of Debian's stable release and fortifies it with some carefully selected packages to make it a state-of-the-art multimedia content creation powerhouse...."
Obviously, this distro looks like it's using LXDE to leave room for resource hungry audio and video applications rather than to run the OS on older computers. Since multimedia editing isn't my thing, I won't be reviewing this one, ever. However, it may be of interest to some people who stumble on this blog.

AV Linux 5.0 Release Announcement on Distrowatch

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