Friday, April 1, 2011

Bodhi Linux's Special April 1 Announcement

I thought my first post to this blog would be a review of a distro, but this was too interesting to pass up.

Visitors to the Bodhi Linux homepage today were greeted with a new color scheme (blue instead of orange) and a stunning announcement:

Since I can't display the screenshot in its original size without messing up my blog layout, here's the text of the announcement for those who can't read tiny print:

Bodhi Linux 1.1.0 PRE RELEASE NEWS 1.1.0 JEFFS BIG PLAN REVEALED - Bodhi Goes Blue

We would like to take a moment to thank everyone that has helped Bodhi 1.0.0 become the success that it is today. With our dedicated development team and our ever growing community we would not be where we are today. Looking to the future, a Bodhi 1.1.0 release is on the horizon. This release will have two prominent features – first we will start shipping the 2.6.38 kernel with this release. Second, while we at Bodhi think Enlightenment makes a great desktop – after much discussion in closed door meetings – the Bodhi team and I have decided to make the move to using the KDE desktop with Enlightenment acting as strictly the Window manager for this next release. We feel this should improve Bodhi usability over all and give Bodhi a “fuller desktop feeling” as it will now require at least 1gig of RAM to fully utilizes it's KDE desktop.
proposed release date MAY 22 2011
Bodhi Linux 1.0.0 Stable released 26 March 2011.Find out more here Bodhi News Page.
They had me going for a little while. I was prepared to go to the forums and ask what the heck the developers were thinking, giving up the entire lightweight philosophy of their young distro in favor of one of the standard, bloated Linux desktop environments. Then I got to the bit about how 1.1.0 would have a "fuller desktop feeling" because it would use more resources, and I remembered what day it was. My hunch was confirmed by clicking on the link to the Bodhi news page. It turns out that this item was only on the main page and not on the news page (though the blue color scheme is site-wide). I must admit that I like the combined KDE-Enlightenment logo for some strange reason.

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